PURE On the Floor Training and PSL


The PSL (PURE STRENGTH LAB) challenge is a regurlarly held contest to push our members to the Maximum. Our aim with PSL is to achieve Superlative results through competition in a spotted Environment with qualified Trainers. The members are competing each other and results are stored in a HALL OF FAME.

time table: On the Floor

PURE CityMONDAY 19:00 UhrPURE Body Exerciseswith Tom
TUESDAY 19:00 UhrPURE Body Exerciseswith Julian
WEDNESDAY 19:00 UhrPURE Classic Boxingwith Oli
PURE City WestMONDAY 18:30 UhrPURE Body Exerciseswith Oli
MONDAY 19:30 UhrPURE Classic Boxingwith Oli
WEDNESDAY 18:00 UhrPURE Body Exerciseswith Jonas
PURE SachsenhausenMONDAY 17:15 UhrPURE Exerciseswith Marsha
THURSDAY 18:00 UhrPURE Corewith Oli
FRIDAY 17:45 UhrPURE Classic Boxingwith Oli
PURE OffenbachMONDAY 18:00 UhrPURE Core advancedwith Denny
MONDAY 18:30 UhrPURE Body Exerciseswith Denny
WEDNESDAY 18:00 UhrPURE Corewith Denny
THURSDAY 18:00 UhrPURE Exerciseswith Denny